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Stories Biblical Answers to Tough Questions
1. Guess I'm a Jesus Freak!
Who is your hero?
2. Christ in the Courtroom
Guilty as Hell; man walks free.
3. The Word in a Word
A poetic tiptoe through the Bible books.
4. Interesting Bible Data
Which book is the world's best seller?
5. There Is No God?
No God? Then explain this!
6. We Are Blessed!
You must read this.
8. Religion Doesn't Cut It!
Does eternal salvation come via the church?
9. Just One Way? C'mon!
Don't all religious roads lead to Heaven?
10. How to Earn Your Way to Hell
What a stupid statement, you say? Read on.
11. Biblical Q&A
Important questions, insightful answers.
12. Thorny Questions
How were people saved before Christ? And what about those who have never heard of Christ?
13. Christians Are Fear Mongers!
All Christians and non-Christians around the world seek eternal peace.
14. Hell, My Sister's Going to Heaven!
"According to the Bible, we can all know right now that we are going to Heaven."
15. Invisible Things
God cannot be seen. So are dozens of every-day things we all take for granted.
16. Where's the Dough, Joe!
The average Christian tithes: 17 percent? 10 percent? 2 percent?
17. Reasons for Believing
This book is a must-read. Two thumbs up, way up!
18. Fulfillment of Old Testament Prophecy
Over 800 years before Jesus Christ was born, the Prophet Micah wrote that the king (Messiah) would be born in Bethlehem. Micah wasn't alone.
19. Isaac Newton Story
The universe was made by nobody! Yeah, right...
20. Is 'Living the Life' Really Enough?
Living an exemplary life is noble. But do we verbalize our faith enough? Hmm!
21. Comparing the Religions
Christianity, Islam, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Christian Science, Oneness Pentecostal, Unity.
22. Examination of the Cults
A snapshot overview of the Jehovah's Witnesses, Christian Science, Unity, Mormonism, Seventh Day Adventism, and Bahaism.
23. 35 Reasons Not to Become a Jehovah's Witness
Every religion and denomination has rules. But c'mon!
24. Jehovah's Real Witnesses? I Think Not!
A three-time visit to our house prompts a long look at this cult.
25. Confessions of a Homosexual Christian
Memorial Day, 2001, is memorable to Tim*. He is told he has AIDS.
26. Where was God Sept. 11, 2001?
He watched what sinful man was doing and was grieved.
27. Islam: Deceit From the Depths of Hell!
Jesus or Mohammed? The difference between light and darkness.
28. All Religions Are the Same? Hardly!
Christ is the ONLY way.
30. Guide to Internet Fishing
Internet chat rooms equals fertile grounds for witnessing.
32. Is Jesus Christ Really God?
Yep! Check it out.
33. Is the Bible Reliable?
Not only reliable, but miraculous also.
34. Most People Are Going to Heaven, Right?
Hmm! What does the Bible say?
35. Where is Allah?
Suicide bomber tumbles into Hell.
36. The Big Picture
Eternity to Eternity.
37. Jesus, yes! Mohammed, no way!
Letter to the Editor.
38. Reasons for Believing the Bible Is Inspired by God
Its manuscript and scientific evidence are stunning.
39. When Was Your Religion or Christian Denomination Founded?
Christianity birthed in 30 AD, Islam in 600 AD, etc.
40. Top Ten Myths About How to Get to Heaven
"My good works will outweigh my bad works." Hmm!
41. The Meaning of Life
Accumulating stuff, being a churchy person, chasing girls or guys... Is that the purpose?
42. The Bible and Modern-Day Science
Does the Bible have anything to say about modern-day science? You bet.
43. How Were People 'Saved' in the Old Testament?
Obedience to God? Blood sacrifices? The law?
44. Questions For Our Roman Catholic Friends
How was the Bible assembled, and why has the Roman Catholic Church strayed so far from its teachings?
46. Why Did Martin Luther Defy the Roman Catholic Church?
Was there any truth to his charges?
49. RCC: King of the Cults New!
The Roman Catholic Church's emphasis on non-Biblic doctrine and practices should make all Christians take notice.
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