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The Word in a Word A Poetic Tiptoe Through the 66 Books of The Bible
By Ruth Nottage
Genesis Eden to Egypt spanned,
Exodus back to the Promised Land.
Leviticus laws and economy,
Through Numbers to Deuteronomy.
Joshua fought with soldiers and spies,
Judges did right in their own eyes.
Ruth it's a love story, Samuel describes,
The Kings and Chronicles of Israel's tribes.
Nehemiah, the city walls,
Ezra rebuilt the temple halls.
Ester saved her people, the Jews,
Job did a job on Satan's views.
Psalms inspire, console, delight,
Proverbs probes what's wrong and what's right.
Ecclesiastes: life under the sun,
Solomon's Song' s love sought and won.
Isaiah preached to many nations,
Then Jeremiah's Lamentations,
Ezekiel envisioned wheels and bones,
Daniel faced lions and heavenly thrones.
Hosea's wife her vows ignored,
Joel foresaw the Spirit outpoured.
Amos, apostasy denounced,
Obadiah saw Edom trounced.
Jonah and Jaws had a secret tryst,
Micah foretold two comings of Christ.
Nahum announced Ninevah's doom,
Habakkuk, the Chaldean's tomb.
Zephaniah, the final end,
Haggai, to the Remnant penned.
Zachariah, the kingdom story,
Malachi: the grief and the glory!
Matthew, Mark, Luke and John,
The life of Christ are based upon.
Acts depicts the early church,
Romans; doctrines to research.
Corinthians had flaws to face,
Galatians deals with law and grace.
Ephesians; life from above,
Phillippines flows with heavenly love.
Colossians cautions Christ is supreme,
The Second Coming, Thessalonian's theme.
Timothy was like a son to Paul,
Titus, a young man who answered the call.
Philemon's to have his slave restore,
The Hebrew's Messiah is Christ, the Lord.
James aims for faith to show,
Peter's boldness against the foe.
The letters of John and judgements of Jude,
The Revelations of Scriptures conclude.