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Hell, My Sister's Going To Heaven!
By NiteOwlDave
A while back I asked my much wiser sister if she believed she was going to Heaven, "And if so, tell me why in your own words."
She looked at me with her famous stunned look, then responded pointedly, "You bet, 100% sure! And what other words are there for me to use," she clucked, borrowing a famous Kramerism. (Told ya she was wise.)
I pressed, "And how do you know for sure, Miss Pretty Two Shoes!"
"Quite simple. Now focus, listen, take notes."
"Yes, ma'am!"
"I know without a doubt I am Heaven-bound because I believe the Bible is absolutely true and is as reliable as the unchanging character of God," she began.
"According to the Bible we can all know right now that we are going to Heaven."
"Right now?!" I interjected.
"Right now!," she emphasized. "No need to be continually stressed about your status."
"Continue," I urged.
"The Bible claims to be the 'inspired' Word of God. The apostle John points out in John 20:31 that Jesus Christ claimed salvation is through Him alone because He is the Son of God."
"Broad claims, broad promises, yes."
"John states that eternal life is freely given to anyone who believes and acknowledges that Christ died personally for them."
"Seems too simple, right?
"How could our eternal destination—Heaven or Hell—depend on such a simple thing as putting one's faith in Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord?"
"Well, salvation is simple so everyone will understand."
"Unfortunately, man has complicated the clarity of the Way to eternal life with false church creeds, rules, and doctrines which have no biblical foundation whatsoever."
"Salvation is sure, simple and freely available to everyone on the planet."
"Acts 16:31 states, 'Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved'."
"As the Nike commercial states, Just Do It!"