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A Daughter's Letter From Heaven to a Grieving Father "I have never been more alive!"
Bible teacher Grace Kemp wrote the following "Letter from Heaven" to give a boost to a grief-stricken father who had lost his "born-again" Christian daughter, following a lengthy battle with cancer. What is it like to take your last breath on earth and to be immediately in Heaven?
By Grace Kemp
Dear Dad,
When I slipped out of your arms just over a week ago, dad, I saw two majestic angels beckoning me to come.
We began moving down a green, grassy path toward the most magnificent and radiant light I had ever seen. I turned and said, "Oh, dad, look! Come with me!" But you couldn't hear me. You were leaning over my hospital bed, close to my face, but my spirit had just left my body. I was dead, but I was never more alive! I was pain-free and euphoric! I wish you could have joined me, but then it was not your God-given time to pass over.
The angels sheltered me as we glided through the valley of the shadow of death. We laughed and sang. We were floating. I was awestruck!
When we reached the Light, I was stunned to discover it was not a "light" at all; it was a person! It was Jesus, our Lord. Christ is figuratively and literally a non-blinding, warm Light who glows brighter than the sun. I remember in Sunday School hearing Jesus being called the Light of the world. It is so true! He is also the Light of the universe.
The waves of love, joy, and peace that washed over me may be what Paul of the Bible referred to when he spoke of "unspeakable... visions and revelations of the Lord" (2 Corinthians 12:1-4). He was right. There are simply no words! I was in total awe!
As Christ lead me through Paradise Park toward the Celestial City, we were surrounded by angels and Christians from earth dancing, laughing, and singing. I was amazed to realize they were all celebrating my arrival! I have never felt so loved! I must repeat, I have never been more alive!
Dad, you would love all the birds, squirrels, rabbits, and other furry creatures which scurry through the gardens and sing from the treetops.
And guess what? I mentally communicate with them. Wow! I can even communicate with the flowers that grow in profusion. When I swim in the River of Life, I can breath underwater. There are even gorgeous flowers growing on the bottom. Even the pebbles have the most incredible patterns and colors. Everything here has its own unique glory!
There are bubbling brooks and sparkling waterfalls that sing in amazing harmony. There is a unity here that is indescribable. In some incredible way, the love of God saturates and synchronizes us into oneness.
There are colors and sounds unknown on earth. My angel escorts answer my questions and show me wonders. It will take an eternity to grasp it all.
If there is one bothersome question I have it is why Satan chose to rebel against God. He had the best of the best here, but coveted more. Remember, the Bible says that Satan is the source of sin that brings suffering like my cancer that hurt so much.
Equally incredible is why Jesus would go to earth to be mocked, whipped, and crucified so that humans like you and me, dad, could choose to accept or reject Him as Lord and Savior and then spend eternity in this glorious heaven. He created us, then died and arose from the dead for us! His love is awesome! I am so glad I reached out in faith and received it!
Thanks for everything, dad. I can't wait to show you around.
In the meantime, read Psalms 16:11, Psalms 116:15, John 14:1-3, and 1 Corinthians 2:9, and rejoice with me! My real life is just beginning!
Love always, Debra