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The Big Picture God's Plan for the Ages
By Grace Kemp
Before creation there was God.
1. Creation of Cosmos
Date: Ages past.
2. Creation Days
Date: Ancient or recent.
People: God and man.
1. Light
2. Atmosphere
3. Sea, land, vegetation
4. Sun, moon, stars, seasons
5. Marine life, birds
6. Animals, man
God's Purpose: To lavish mankind with His beauty and presence.
3. Fall of Man
Date: Roughly 10000 BC.
People: Adam and Eve.
Events: Woman was deceived by Satan; man willfully sins.
God's Purpose: To provide redemption (see Genesis 3:15,21).
4. Adam to Abraham
Date: 10000 BC to about 4000 BC.
People: Adam, Enoch, Noah, Abraham.
Events: Creation, Fall of Man, World-Wide Flood, Tower of Babel.
God's Purpose: To illustrate man's willfulness and rebellion against God.
5. Patriarchs
Date: 4000 to 2000 BC.
People: Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.
Events: Abraham called (Covenant People). Joseph sold to the Egyptians.
God's Purpose: God chose one race, the Jews, on which to bestow His promises and blessings.
6. Egypt/Exodus
Date: 1870 to 1400 BC.
People: Children of Israel; Moses.
Events: The plaques of Egypt; Wilderness wanderings; Law given to Moses.
God's Purpose: God demonstrates His power and protection over His afflicted people.
7. Canaan
Date: 1400 to 577 BC.
People: 12 tribes of Israel.
Events: Conquering enemies; Tabernacle established; rules for access to God established.
God's Purpose: God helps Israel destroy its enemies; sacrifices established.
8. Judges
Date: 1220 to 1050 BC.
People: 14 difference judges.
Events: Military leaders of Israelites in many bloody battles against enemies.
God's Purpose: God delivers His people and destroys the heathen rebels.
9. Kings
Date: 1050 to 587 BC.
People: 42 different kings.
Events: United kingdom; divided kingdom (Israel and Judah).
God's Purpose: God blesses the righteous kings and destroys the heathen kings.
10. Prophets
Date: 933 to 432 BC.
People: 18 different prophets.
Events: Offered guidance and connection from God to Israelites.
God's Purpose: To speak His message through the prophets.
11. Exile
Date: 587 to 520 BC.
People: Israel (10 tribes) and Judah (2 tribes).
Events: Israel captured by Syria. Judah captured by Judah.
God's Purpose: To punish His rebellious people.
12. Restoration
Date: 520 BC.
People: Nehemiah and Ezra.
Events: Temple rebuilt in 515 BC.
God's Purpose: To demonstrate that God can restore following repentance.
13. Intertestament Period
Date: 430 to 4 BC.
People: None recorded.
Events: Silence. No revelation from God.
God's Purpose: A Holy hush prior to the Incarnation?
14. Birth/Death of Christ
Date: 4 BC to 29 AD.
People: Mary, Joseph, and Jesus.
Events: "God manifested in the flesh," fulfilling Old Testament prophecies.
God's Purpose: To give His son to redeem fallen mankind.
15. Apostolic Age
Date: 29 to 100 AD.
People: 12 apostles.
Events: Custodians of the Gospel.
God's Purpose: To commission His apostles to spread the Gospel.
16. Church Age
Date: 29 AD to present.
People: True believers in Christ.
Events: "Ye are the light of the world."
God's Purpose: To call out "a people for His name."
17. Great Tribulation
Date: A future 7-year period.
People: Unbelievers.
Events: Seven great judgements: hail, asteroids, sun, eruptions, locusts, pollution, darkness, thirst.
God's Purpose: Wrath of God poured out; especially on Israel.
18. Millenium
Date: A future 1,000-year period.
People: The "elect" and those who turn to Christ during the Great Tribulation.
Events: Jesus Christ reigns on earth. Peace on earth.
God's Purpose: Jesus ascends David's throne and reigns over restored Israel on earth.
19. New Heavens and New Earth
Date: Future (time unknown).
People: Believers are in Heaven.
Events: Entire cosmos destroyed by fire; God renews all creation.
God's Purpose: To destroy His previous creation ruined by sin and replace it with a new creation.
20. Eternity
Date: Infinity.
People: God and the redeemed.
Events: The redeemed will inhabit the new Heavens and new earth "wherein dwelleth righteous."
God's Purpose: To enjoy "His Bride" (the church) throughout eternity.