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Invisible Things
By NiteOwlDave
Many years ago when I lived in Nassau, I recall a long-serving out-island missionary standing on our porch and staring quietly at the star-filled sky and reflecting, "Ever think about the invisible things?"
I followed his eyes upward and shrugged, "Huh?"
"The invisible things," he repeated.
"We are staring at thousands of stars, but it is the things we don't see with our eyes that are most intriguing."
Again, I grunted, "Huh?" and asked him quizzically what on earth he was talking about.
As it turned out, he wasn't talking about anything on earth.
"What we are able to see with our eyes is very limited compared to what remains invisible to us," he said softly.
"Such as? I asked.
"Well," the old man began, "Let me try to list some of the things which are totally invisible to our eyes but they are surely there because we use them or witness their power every day."
This gentleman had Godly insight and I moved closer to hear.
"Electricity," he began. "It flows through those wires and lights our houses. Can't see, but it's there, nevertheless."
He spoke of all kinds of things that are definitely there, but which escape our senses:
1. Radio waves
2. TV signals
3. Citizen Band radio signals
4. Taxi cab radio signals
5. Telegraph signals
6. There's radar
7. Sonar
8. Fish finder signals
9. Then there's invisible oxygen and carbon dioxide in the air
10. There are germs and viruses everywhere—all invisible
11. Metal detection signals
12. Infrared signals
13. Magnetic signals
14. Gamma rays
15. Ultraviolet rays from the sun
16. Sound waves
17. X-ray beams
"Lastly," he clucked, "we sure could use a cool breeze which we couldn't see coming but could certainly feel its affect."
That was 40 years ago, and since then we have tacked on a few additional invisible things we have uncovered or built upon pre-established science:
1. Cell phone signals
2. Pager signals
3. TV remote control signals
4. Microwave oven wonders
5. Remote garage door openers
6. Remote car door openers
7. TV remote channel changers
8. Fax machine signals
9. Global internet signals
10. Satellite to TV set signals
11. Global positioning signals
12. Invisible animal "zap" fencing signals
13. High-pitched animal whistles
14. Laser beams
The list goes on and on!
Given the reality of the above invisible things, it is somewhat confusing that many today still give no consideration to the idea of an invisible but equally-real spirit world.
Is the answer because we are so used to the things of everyday work-a-day world that we casually take them for granted with a shrug?
It is perhaps easy for us to sluff off God and ideas of angelic and satanic forces as being the stuff of science fiction.
We're enthralled with the galactic happenings of Luke Sky Walker and his merry band of Wookie space oddballs although we know it's clever Hollywood fiction.
But a real God? A real Devil? A real after-life?
Come on!
Another missionary acquaintance recently observed, "There was a time when God was invisible.
"But suddenly, one Christmas, He appeared in Bethlehem and later revealed His love at the cross where He died and three days later rose again in fulfillment of 1,000-year-old Old Testament prophecy."
That invisible Man who became visible was the Lord Jesus Christ who is alive today at the right hand of Father God.
The Bible points out rather clearly that He will return soon and spirit all true believers home to Heaven.
Sounds Starwarian, but there is solid Biblical documentation to support that promise.
God high fives those who will believe in Christ for salvation simply by faith and exhibit evidence of that faith by loving God and loving one's neighbor.
The apostle John, in the company of the disciples, quotes Christ as declaring, "Because you have seen Me, you have believed. But blessed are those who have not seen me but still believed." (John 20:29)
There are a multitude of evidences for the existence of God.
"For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen." (Romans 1:20)
Heaven is certainly invisible.
"For by him were all things created, in heaven and in earth, visible and invisible." (Col 1:16)
"For the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal." (2 Cor 4:18)
Our soul or spirit is totally invisible yet is said to be everlasting.
"Man can kill the body, but not the spirit." (Mt 10:28)
Christ's resurrected body is invisible.
"Christ is now in the spiritual presence of God." (Heb 1:13)
Our resurrected bodies will be invisible.
"Flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God." (1 Cor 15:50-51)
The conclusion one must come to is that because God may not choose to reveal himself at half time during the Super Bowl in no way allows us off the hook to contend, "That's unacceptable, that's not good science!"
No, we are born with a bothersome conscience which every so often whispers, "God here, check me out!"
Perhaps the most valid reason to believe in an "invisible God" is what we can see in the lives of those who have opened their hearts to Christ and have been visibly changed.
There are many once-bound people out there who were once ravaged by visible sin but are now gloriously changed by God they once thought invisible.
God invisible? Perhaps we need to open our eyes.
Eternal life, the Bible states, is available to anyone who repents of their sin and calls out to Christ for his completed salvation (Mark 1:15).
Have you done that?